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  I'm happy to announce the collaboration of BlakesArt to the site. This will be a page that will help transform your living space with the same energy and creativity as your fashion style. I started this company with the goal of being able to provide my art and various forms. I've always felt that in someway I was a jack of all trades and master of none. Now, due to advances in technology and social media, Its become easier to display my different talents. Fine art has been a secret passion of mine, but I never chased it for fear of the starving artist curse that once haunted me. Finding the time to paint and sell my work seemed impossible working 60 hours a week repairing cars. with the success of starting the clothing-line and reaching  tens of thousands of fans I knew I had a shot. It took me quitting my great paying but extremely stressful job to make time for art. After a few months I could see it paying off. I grew my art page Blakesart from 200 followers to almost 15 thousand over night. From the start, I always wanted Riche Nickel to be more than just a fashion platform. I wanted it to be a lifestyle and voice for the culture, inspired by my art. I hope to soon provide a service for your fashion and home decor needs, and maybe one day entertainment.


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